Brief History of American Women Lawyers in London:

AWLL began as an informal networking group in the mid -1980s under the leadership of Kathy Ward, a warm and generous person and a gifted lawyer who was highly admired and respected in the legal community.   Ms Ward made extraordinary contributions to the American legal community in London by single-handedly organizing meetings to enable women in the legal profession to connect with like-minded women, share information about career opportunities and develop friendships and informal mentor relationships in a supportive environment.  These meetings became a lifeline for many women in London and many members attribute their current professional success to the connections established and nurtured through their involvement with AWLL. In January 2006, Ms Ward tragically passed away and the group lost its founding leader.  We wish to honor the legacy of Ms Ward by keeping the organization alive and developing an even larger community with stronger connections to the group, which remains dedicated to supporting women in the legal community in their personal and professional aspirations.


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